Walkthrough animations involving both VR and video are a particularly powerful selling tool, which in addition to showing how the building will look on completion, can illustrate the lifestyle that will be created by the building and the general environment. Working from your plans and elevations, we construct a realistic model of a building project, complete with 3D animated walkthroughs of the interior and external flybuys to give the audience a much stronger sense of space, form and functionality.

By applying appropriate colours, textures and materials to all surfaces, adding lights, backgrounds and accessories, we achieve very accurate representation in accordance with your specifications. Once we have received your plans and elevations with any other specifications on landscaping and backgrounds, through to colour schemes, textures and materials, we commence production by following a very consultative approach throughout each phase of the visualisation process.

Visualisation Process and Schedule:

  • A storyboard is produced, detailing the animation path and key points within the animation.
  • After the storyboard has been agreed upon, a 3D model is created. A concept animation is produced that allows the client to see the path of the animation and rough massing of the building(s). Changes to the animation path are made at this time, and a revised concept animation is produced for client review and approval.
  • The final animation path is now set, and lighting and materials are applied to the model. You will be provided with still images at key points in the animation for your approval.
  • The final phase involves the actual rendering process and post production. Post production is another term for final editing. This can include voiceovers, titles and music. Even live video can be incorporated into the animation at this time.